Tablo Dual lite question

If I am currently using the cloud to store recording how easy is it to hook up the expandable storage? Will it still record to the cloud or portable drive or both? If its both how do you make it so its on the portable drive only? Thanks in advance.

From my understanding, once you connect an external USB drive, it will act like all of the other Tablos. It will ask to format your drive, and then all recordings will be on it instead of the cloud.

What I don’t know is if there is a way to migrate recording in either direction (clouid to disk, disk to cloud).

I did notice that in all the documentation for the Dual Lite, it still says the it requires a hard drive, and there is no mention of the cloud storage at all.

I’m gonna break this oldie but goodie out…

There isn’t a way to transfer recordings from the cloud to a hard drive, but you can continue to access/manage them until your cloud account is cancelled.

And since it’s still in beta, it’ll be there until we start charging for the service.

Documentation for the cloud is SUPER sparse at the moment, but once it comes out of beta it’ll be available.

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