Tablo Dual Lite Piece of Crap

Got this as an early Christmas gift. Worked for a week then cannot connect to WiFi. Doesn’t even show up on my phone, ipad, or pc as a selection to start the connection process. I’ve moved it all over the house even next to the router and the piece of crap still doesn’t work. What kind of garbage is this? I chose Tablo for the WiFi connectivity. What a huge mistake. I should have gone with Silicon Dust’s HDHomerun instead.

If that’s your sincere belief it sounds as though you are within your “return” period. Take/send it back and get what you think will work… I mean you though the tablo would work. good luck

1 week only, 30 day return period so return it.

Also 1 year warranty, so if WiFi chip is really dead then get it replaced under warranty.

Tablo support was great the one time I needed them and the forum has helped me when I wanted to be creative. Help is there if you ask for it.

I can watch any show live or recorded, on any device ot TV in the house. Still happy after 16 months with Tablo 4 tuner.

There’s something missing here, this doesn’t quite fit. For example: you first state that you chose Tablo specifically “for the WiFi” and then say you “should have gone with Silicon Dust’s HDHomerun instead” … which does not / can not work with Wifi. What am I missing here?

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It appears that if you don’t follow the instructions explicitly and NOT connect the ethernet, that the Tablo will not broadcast its wifi, therefore you will not see it from your “work device” (“work device” being your computer/smartphone/tablet) from which you are leading the Tablo to the household wifi network. I found that if you cannot connect the Tablo “via wifi”, connect the ethernet cable and try again. The network should detect the Tablo and then you can use your “work device” to complete the setup.

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