Tablo Dual Lite for $99!

On sale at Best Buy, no special requirements, no gimmicks. Just walk right in and snag one (or three). This is less than what you’d pay for a refurb.

Picking up a few of these, for this year’s Christmas season, they will make excellent gifts. A Tablo Dual Lite for less than the cost of an HD Homerun, Stream +, Air TV player, etc., this is fantastic.


Tablo is the superior product.

But if you have a bestbuy account you can get a hdhomerun duo + 6 month plex pass for $90. I have no idea what you do with a 6 month plex pass since I don’t think it’s upgradable.

If your local Best Buy is low on stock, you can order from the website (while in store), for in-store pickup, or with free shipment to your address.

Picked up some Dual Lites at this sales price, was told not to worry about stock levels, and that this price was good through the end of the week.

If you’re in the Vegas area, Tablo Dual Lite in stock at the Maryland Parkway and Decatur and Charleston Blvd locations.

While in Seattle today, I stopped at a Best Buy in Bellevue, found the $99 Tablo Dual Lite in stock … but it was on a bottom shelf, just above the floor and easy to overlook. They are probably less than excited about selling at this price, and I understand that.


There was only one on the shelf, an employee told me there were plenty at other Seattle area stores, online and elsewhere. I’m told that the price will return to it’s (regular) point of $139 on Saturday night.

Back again at $99 through Best Buy. HD Homeruns, Plex Passes and everything else on sale, this is still the best bet (and deal) out there. I was told this price holds until the end of the week.


Between now and the end of the year, we might see Tablo product on sale again, who knows? Best bet is to grab a few and worry later. These make fantastic Christmas gifts.

This is the last promo period for the year AFAIK!

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Very nice article on Android Central, touting the sale (and Tablo).

Where are the Canadian promos? :frowning:

Amazon is matching Best Buy price. They’re not going out of their way to promote it, but it’s available nonetheless, with free shipping for Prime.

On Sale Again at Best Buy Just found this, while in a Best Buy store. These make fantastic gifts.

Rush out in a buying frenzy and grab a bunch.

I guess I’ll have to go back to Bestbuy for price match. Oops. Just outside of price match windows. OMG!

It always seems to happen that way. Gets me every time.

Price matched (again) by Amazon. I wonder how long this will go.

I’m so tempted by this offer. I just wish Tablo would allow us to connect them together in a single interface or allow us to have our Tablos mirror drives when on the same network. Something to allow us to have everything in one place. The tablo mirroring would be incredible since it could put everything together and offer redundancy for hard drive failures.

I don’t have multiple Tablos but given the likelyhood of the things you mentioned happening in the short term, one way you could accomplish it is by using Plex as your single “destination” and the third-party tools currently available to pull content off your Tablo(s).

Best Buy sale is over, but you can get it on Amazon for just two bucks more and you don’t have to be a Prime member to be eligible:

It’s not Best Buy, for for another $0.99 has the $99.99 deal

The quad is sold out on the tablotv site. And now $253 on Amazon versus $199.

Could that be the 25% tariff? And if so is the dual far behind.

I noticed that and went humm. But didn’t really think too much, but I thought it was off.

It should be a supply & demand price adjustment, they’ll barley be ready for Christmas shopping.