Tablo dual lite dvr

My tablo dual lite dvr worked fine for about a year. Then it stopped connecting to the network (wifi). I have tried all the usual power cycles (device, router, roku, PC, etc).
I can see the tablo network on my network list on my pc (ie tablo_0094). I can connect to that network ok. But the my tablo com app does not respond.
If I plug it directly to ethernet then the my table com app responds (but that is not where the antenna is).
Is there an IP address on the tablo itself I can try pinging to see if that responds?

If you can see the Tablo broadcasting it’s own WiFi network named Tablo_XXXX then the Tablo is not connecting to your own WiFi network. Try setting up the WiFi details again (go to the Tablo knowledge database on how to do that).

@waltnorth try this Tablo webpage.

Thank you for the replies. Let me try it this way.
From the ROKU…

  • If I connect the tablo hardwired via ethernet cable to the router in the basement then the roku will see it and I can watch recorded shows. But I don’t have an antenna running down to the basement.

  • If I unplug the ethernet cable from roku then roku no longer sees it. The tablo app will search and cab not find it. This worked fine up until recently. I’ve done all the assorted power off and on cycles on all the related devices. I’ve removed and re-add tablo on the roku. So I can’t get as far as any wifi setup.

From a PC…

  • If I plug the tablo in via ethernet cable it shows up on my network like any other device.

  • If I unplug the ethernet than I see the tablo_xxxx as a valid wireless network connection and I can connect to it. But I can’t do anything on it (i.e. - the browser cant find that url. That means I can’t do any wifi setup.

Is it possible that the Tablo isn’t connected to the correct wifi network? (for example, it is connecting to the guest network)

You should end up here: Connecting Tablo to Wi-Fi with PC – Tablo

Begin by opening your Chrome/Safari/Edge browser and navigating to the web app.

You will be taken to the main ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen. Select ‘Add via Wi-Fi’.

The next screen will instruct you to connect to your Tablo’s network.

Doesn’t it say to go to web page then connect to Tablo_XXXX after selecting to add wifi?

This is key. You should connect to the website first when connected to your router’s WiFi network, then change the WiFi on your laptop to the Tablo_XXXX network. And then follows the instructions carefully in the link.

You can also use an iPad or iPhone to do this rather than a laptop.

If the below link doesn’t work, call Tablo Support directly to troubleshoot and walk you through it.

Thank you everyone for the help. I had followed the above steps several times that last couple of weeks… So when I tried it again this evening I was not expecting success… but go figure… this time it worked! I don’t know wat I did different this time - but I figure don’t question good results.

I do get an occasional odd chirping sound - but that’s a different problem I’m sure.

Thank you.

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