Tablo Dual Internal vs. External Disk

From an overall lifetime and speed perspective, which is a better choice on the Tablo Dual, the internal flash drive or an external drive?

I have heard that flash drives have a limit to the number of write cycles. A large number, but still limited. I don’t plan to keep the recordings in the Tablo for very long, so the drive will get a lot of reuse over time.

For speed, which is better?

Speed it not material, either one is sufficiently fast. Your main consideration should be how much you plan to keep and whether the internal storage will suffice (my guess is only in small number of cases).

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The internal storage is only 64 GB which is not a lot of recordings, you will likely want an external drive for more recordings.

The Duals internal storage is EMMC.

There are many manufacturers so who knows the type or quality. But they are suppose to conform to a standard.

For a Dual the default recording quality is 720 - 3 Mbps. I use mine at 720 - 5 Mbps which is around 23 hours of recording. So maybe the default quality of 30-35 hours is enough for you.

Thanks, for the quick replies. I’ve set up a cron job to pull the recordings to my NAS every 6 hours, so space isn’t a real concern. I am mostly concerned with the life of the internal flash and performance of the recording.

It sounds like neither is a major concern.