Tablo Dual HDMI Remote Control!

I would like to control my Tablo with my remote control that I use for my tv and my firestick. But that would require a 4 digit code. Does anyone know of a 4 digit code that would work for the Tablo Dual HDMI?

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I have the same question. I’m using both RCA and Onn universal remotes because my folks tend to through them like water. The tablo remote is too limited for them, according to them.

I sent a dm on Twitter, just in case.

Have you attempted to use the CEC options?


They said no universal remote is compatible. I needed to use the Tablo remote, buuuut, I believe I found a solution.

If you have a Roku, you can download the Tablo app from the Roku store. If you’re like me, you already have a universal remote that is Roku friendly. Guess what, from the Tablo app, you can now use your universal remote via Roku for Tablo. Unfortunately, it’s the same as the Tablo remote, you can’t type in the channels, but can only scroll up and down. I did find the UI a bit friendlier on the app in regards to recording and navigating.

Also, if you have multiple Tablos, which we do in our home, you can also access all of them through the app in Roku (as long as you use the same Roku account). You would need to arrow up to the Tablo name within the app and click on it, then select switch. Select which Tablo you wish to use.

Hope this is helpful. I’m still new to this device… we’ve had it 3 days. :grin: So I’m sure there is more to learn.


My parents tv doesn’t support it. Frankly it’s easier for them and my sanity if there is one remote. Going full Sherlock Holmes once a week to find all their remotes is Xanax inducing. A inexpensive universal remote, which I buy in bulk, is easier on ALL of us. Thank you though, it may work on my tv. :smiley::+1:

There are inexpensive trainable universal remotes. Just saying.

How about parents?

If you have a close relationship, I’d program it for them.

My SofaBaton U1 has a profile for Table HDMI, it works great. This is also a great remote, pretty easy for anyone to use.