Tablo dual HDMI quits sending signal daily

Hello. My Tablo dual HDMI stops transmitting a signal on the HDMI output everyday. It usually happens overnight, and when I want to watch TV the next day I have to power cycle the Tablo. It will continue to record programs when it stops sending the signal, but it is really inconvenient to reboot daily.

I’ve adjusted screen saver settings and that does not help. Any ideas?

It may be the TV that’s not receiving the signal. Are you using an old or very cheap HDMI cable? I have run into cables that do not cooperate all the time. I throw them away and replace with a new one. I don’t buy crazy expensive cables, however I do try to buy quality ones.

The user didn’t say what their display and CEC settings are and if it’s CEC whether the actual TV model supports full function CEC.

-Using new HDMI cable, and replaced with another new cable.

-CEC switch is off in Tablo. Using a Samsung TV.

Not sure if it would help your situation but CEC is nice. If your TV is compatible you may want to turn it on. All you have to do then is touch a button on the device (Tablo) remote and it will turn on your TV, or change the TV’s input to the Tablo if the TV is already on.

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@ColoradoTVWatcher The next time you do see this, can you try hitting the back arrow on your TV remote (not the Tablo remote)?

The back arrow exits the TV’s HDMI auto detect setting which seems to not be working correctly. Hitting the back arrow should cause the Tablo to show up on the screen.

Enabling CEC should also address the issue since it’ll override the auto connect settings.

If you check the Settings screen, can you check if the 14-day Live TV guide is disabled? If it is, can you enable this feature, and let us know if you continue the experience this issue?

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