Tablo DUAL HDMI Questions

I’m so happy that the DUAL HDMI has been announced, I have been waiting for something like this for quite a while. My old ChannelMaster DVR+ is slowly dying and until now I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for it.

I have already placed my order, and I have 2 questions:

  1. Why isn’t a lifetime subscription for guide data available for the DUAL HDMI ?

  2. Any idea when these will start to ship, your site says “Before Dec. 1”, I want mine NOW :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks !!

Do you already have an older Tablo device with a lifetime subscription?

No, this will be my first Tablo device.

No, this will be my first Tablo device

It is a valid question. I didn’t even realize it didn’t have it until I looked up subscriptions on the Tablo site, and it specifically says that it doesn’t.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the company is trying to move away from lifetime subscriptions on any new products in order to have a more steady revenue stream.

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Posted on wrong thread… now on correct thread…

The concept of regular “OpEx” makes sense for companies, but is usually horrible for end consumers.

This is likely why. For example the additional Premium Service Subscription is not available for lifetime purchase and it never has been. See link.

Depending on the quality of your home network, TV-connected Tablo DVRs can stream to up to two compatible devices at the same time.

*This feature requires an active TV Guide Data Service subscription.

Although most/many user have a guide subscription… It’s really really easy to miss this! Introducing a Different Kind of Tablo OTA DVR - Tablo DUAL HDMI it tells you, you can stream - no mention of a fee. Then when telling you about free trial, glosses over it’s part of what’s included.

Here a fee, there a fee – for in your own house streaming …that’s messed up :disappointed:

I guess you won’t be buying a Dual HDMI unit to put under your Christmas tree.