Tablo Dual HDMI HardDrive Storage space

How do you determine the amount of storage space used for your plugged in hard drive? Can I find out either by percentage used/remaining, or MB used/ remaining?

I don’t have an HDMI unit but if it’s like the network units you can go into Settings and there is a Storage section that will show you the capacity of your drive and how much is available.

Thanks, I appreciate your response; I’ll try that

Another way… Open the Tablo app on your smartphone, go to settings. There is a section there called “Storage”. You’ll see that info there.

Smartphone app doesn’t work with the HDMI units.

“Due to technical limitations, TV-connected Tablo DVRs cannot be accessed via:

  • Apple TV
  • Smartphones or tablets
  • PC/MAC
  • Smart TVs powered by Samsung TIZEN or LG WebOS
  • Xbox

If streaming to these types of devices is important to you, consider a network-connected Tablo DVR instead.”

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This is in the SETTINGS screen: