Tablo Dual HDMI Guide Blank

Today is Sunday so I can’t call support. I’d like to watch some NFL today.
Firmware: 2.2.40
My guide is blank. It shows the channels and date but shows zero shows. I go to settings and it says my last guide update was 15 days ago. I try to update and it takes about 45 minutes and still comes up blank. My internet is connected and it says my connection is excellent. I have restarted the device several times by unplugging and choosing “restart” in the settings.


As a workaround, since you can see the channels, if you know the time of the games you can just click on the channel itself. If you click on the channel it won’t stop playing at the end of the current program.

EDIT: Do you have an active guide data subscription?

When I click on a channel nothing happens. It won’t go to live TV. I do have the active subscription, but even without it I should have 24 hours worth right?

I ended up hooking up my antenna directly to my TV. I’m still within my return window, I might just be done with this product.

Have you tried to run a rescan for channels and then save after the rescan?

Without a subscription, 24 hours yes, but if the data is 15 days old, there isn’t going to be any current data to begin with.

Something must have happened on the daily update. I would suggest doing a channel scan and saving it (it will force a maintenance cycle & guide refresh). If that doesn’t solve the problem, you will need to contact support.

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