Tablo dual HDMI decode error and power off problem

Figured I would ask here before going the official support route.

Purchased a few months back. There are a couple of stations (3 out of about 20) that are sometimes a bit marginal. Running signal in to Samsung TV there’s occasional pixelations and short freeze. Most of the time OK and while annoying it’s bearable.

However on the Tablo it seems to put up an error message about weak signal/can’t decode, which means you have to find the remote and then wait a few seconds for the box to sync up again. This makes things unwatchable.

Based on the frequency that this happens, it also seems like some percent of the time the box just crashes/shuts down (i.e. just a blank screen and have to power cycle). This can happen a few times in a 10 minute period, and other times it goes days.


  1. How to get the Tablo to just play through the occasional dropout without the dialog box, etc.?
  2. Is the crash/shutdown related, or is this just a bad unit (software is latest)?
  3. How to display realtime signal strength and decode error rate to try and figure out why the problem channels are a problem (I suspect interference as signal strength is green). Unfortunately the Samsung TV doesn’t have anything useful but I’m hoping the Tablo might. So far though it doesn’t seem like it. If not, what’s the best way to get that info, I saw some references that other brand(s) of boxes can provide this type of data.

TIA for any advice.

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