Tablo Dual and two Roku Expresses

I have a new Tablo Dual and 2 Roku Expresses. One Roku in the living room connected by HDMI and on the Wi-fi network. The second Roku is in the bedroom connected by HDMI and on the Wi-fi network. The Tablo is on the Wi-fi network.

I have a strong antenna signal on the 2 channels that I need to watch off air (Fox and NBC) on the Tablo.

I can watch Live tv on the living room tv, but the bedroom tv says “signal too weak”.

Is the signal too weak on the Wi-fi? The Roku’s are connected to the same network.

HELP Please.

Roku Express built before 2022 only had 2.4 GHz WiFi available. It’s slower and more susceptible to interference than 5 GHz WiFi, but it does have longer range.

If the Roku Express’s are connecting over 2.4 GHz WiFi, that might be your issue. We had a similar issue with a Roku Priemere (streaming in general, don’t have TabloTV yet) until we redid the WiFi with an access point closer to it.

I think very recent RokuExpress and Priemere are 5 GHz WiFi capable and I know Roku Ultra is 5 GHz capable and 5 GHz does have better bandwidth and less interference, but also has much shorter range.

Switching to 5Ghz network fixed the problem.

Thanks for the advice.

Can add that recent Roku’s with some form of USB (separate Type-A port or microUSB for power) can use some USB-to-Ethernet adapters. I have an Express 4K+ with an Amazon Fire TV adapter. Some adapters will need an OTG cable, others are designed for streamers and are mostly plug-and-play.

You posted in the TV Connected / HDMI - yes they keep their naming confusing. Presuming you have this type tablo.
Here tells you which Roku’s are supported. Note: not showing Express