Tablo Drops after certain time of not using -

I have used the tablo / roku for years.
I have suddenly been having issues with Roku saying ’ can’t find tablo '.

I unplug Tablo and replug, when it boots up, the roku can find it. It goes until awhile of non-use and then can’t find again. irritating to have to go restart stuff when it shouldn’t be that way.

Called cable company to be sure there isn’t a ‘time out’ on the router. There isn’t.

I have checked roku and all it updated and same for Tablo. It still records while it isn’t connected.
So that unit it working in that aspect.

(I moved the tablo and connected directly to roku wired and there is no problem at all)

Any suggestions at all are appreciated.

rebooting roku alone doesn’t fix the problem, only when I reboot the Tablo does it reconnect.

Could you elaborate? How do things work connecting tablo to roku? I don’t believe anyone accomplished this.

are you meaning how to connect directly (wired ).
I used my ethernet cable - connect to tablo and the other end to my roku.
Presto. But I want wireless as I have a second roku in the kitchen.
Otherwise I would just leave it hardwired.

I’m having connectivity issues today also, can’t get it to work with firestick, Roku or iPhone app . Must be server issue with Tablo central! Sent a email to support, no response yet, and I believe they’re closed for the day!

My last resort is to delete the Tablo channel from my roku and then reinstall.
It is simple to do, and nothing disappears as far as settings etc.
So hopefully this will eliminate my issues. I don’t know if it is/was the tablo problem or Roku problem. I have a stick version in the kitchen - which I don’t care for as much because it gets HOT. The other unit is the one with ‘remote find’ which is my favorite. This one also has MUTE on the side of the remote.

Hope your issues are easy to fix. I LOVE MY ROKU and TABLO.

I have the same issue if my router power cycles, or reboots.
This occured several times over the past few weeks due to power outages in my area.

I found our Tablos need to have our router powered on before the Tablos are powered on.

Could you possibly have a flaky power supply?
They’ve been known to go bad over time.

After a week plus of playing ‘process of elimination’…
I then called spectrum to see if there was a ‘time out’ on the internet service, modem or router that they supply. They said no and I needed to call Tablo or Roku.
Called Roku to see if it had issues with connection - none.
Got online for Tablo, thinking maybe it had some technical issues, needed program updates - no.
After a few tests, called back to Spectrum. They ‘reconfigured’ the service saying as they go new stuff can interfere with older products.

Eventually, I could only suspect their new router (which keeps tabs on everything we do), is tracking or cutting off liek the time out to save their bandwidth.
I added my old router to theirs and reset wifi to match it.

NO issues for a week now. Seems the culprit isn’t roku, or Tablo but just Spectrum . Maybe it is they want people to give up and go back to their $140 monthly TV service.

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I don’t think it is Spectrum trying to sabotage your connections. I do think it is a modem/router that is not equipped to provide the services needed. I have not used the router portion of my ISPs for years because of that.