Tablo Droid has newly announced competition from HDHomeRun and Google

Tablo Droid hasn’t been released yet, but HDHomeRun and Google have teamed up to provide a quite similar solution with Android TV (Both Nexus Player and Nvidia Shield) creating a DVR using the Live Channels app.
And it’s available now…

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The HDHomeRun Android TV DVR also works with Xiaomi Mi Box (in addition to the Nexus Player and Nvidia Shield). Nice to see a solution come to these low cost (Mi and Nexus Player) devices. I’d be interested to see how well they perform.

Livechannel also supports usb tv tuner

Which ones?

Requires Android N, which currently is Nexus Player and maybe the Shield. I know it currently does not include the Mi box.

Yes, but the HDHomeRun solution is using Live Channels and your storage device to create a full fledged DVR…very similar to the upcoming Tablo Droid product (which actually requires a USB tuner)…

Yes, the Shield is on latest version of Nougat…
And the Mi Box is on the list to get the Nougat upgrade, but no word on when (and Nougat will be a requirement for the DVR/HDHomeRun product).

Here’s a good review by LON.TV

Look forward to seeing Tablo’s Droid implementation. This is a neat development for Android TV fans.

Will those of us that aid $150 lifetime be able to get it free or reduced cost? If not, what if we as lready have usb tuner? That is a possibility for 5.1 Tablo.

No definite response on this - they said it will be taken in to account for those of us with lifetime subscriptions. So maybe a discount?

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Yes…Tablo has confirmed that Tablo Droid will support 5.1