Tablo don't work as described

tablo don’t work as described. probably going back to best buy. says records ota tv broadcasts but only shows select shows available to record. I live on a state line and the guide only shows 4 stations and excludes 12 stations over the state line. worthless to me. Guide is supposed to show 14 days but under no conditions shows more than 24 hrs. Again not as described. very difficult to navigate and not doing what I bought it to do . Customer service is closed on weekends so thats useless too. Wife is on me for spending 200 bucks for something that doesn’t do what its advertised to do. All I bought it for is to record Days Of Our Lives for my wife but since there seems to be some reason its not being allowed, I have no use for it. they could save consumers and retailers a lot of “Spinning Wheels” if they just told the truth about the product. Buyer beware!!!

Looks like it matches the user guide. And most people would try the an adjacent zip code to see if that has the desired channels. Of course that’s assuming the channel scan actually found the desired channels.

Live TV – This screen displays a grid guide that shows what’s playing on
each channel for the next 24 hours. Selecting a channel will start
playback of live TV for that channel.

TV Shows – Displays all TV Shows that are scheduled to broadcast in the next 14 days.

Try some nearby zip codes

Hi Tony - Sorry to hear you’re not receiving guide data for some of your channels.

As mentioned, sometimes simply switching the zip code in settings can get the remaining data to appear but please do touch base and let us know what zip code you’re using and what channels are missing guide data and we can get this resolved with our guide provider.

You can reach us a number of ways:

In the meantime, you can set a recurring manual recording for the time/channel that Day of our Lives airs. Happy wife = happy life.

Here’s the instructions for that: