Tablo doesn't connect to Roku stick

My Tablo is Ethernet connected to the router. All three of my Roku Ultras work perfectly with Tablo. Only my new Roku 3810RW stick searches, but doesn’t find the Tablo, although all other streams work perfectly.

I have made sure everything is updated and reset, but only the Tablo screen with the option to search again appears, with other options greyed out.

Is this a Roku stick or a Tablo problem?

That streaming stick should be fine. I have a slightly older one that still works great with the Tablo.

Whenever a single device can’t find the Tablo, a router reboot usually fixes it. Try it and see, and I hope it works.

I have button reset and power reset the Tablo and the router with no effect. Still get the spinning wheel then the Tablo ad screen with the option to search again.

Ok, got it working. Seems I had the stick on a different network than the other Roku’s that worked.