Tablo does not work on my Mac

No matter what I do, the Tablo web app does not work in any browser on my Mac. I’m running the latest macOS 11.1. I have tried Tablo in Safari, Chrome and FireFox. With surround sound on, channels will play, but without sound. With surround sound off, you get audio, but the video is stuck. With Safari, no matter what you do, it stutters along a 1 frame per 10 seconds. Surround sound has zero effect on Safari. Bottom line, I cannot watch Tablo on my Mac at all.

Since you didn’t mention which Mac you were using, or the recording quality, or what WiFi you were using, is this you Mac.

Any PC or MAC computer running Chrome or Safari with a sufficient video card for playing high quality video will work with the Tablo web app.

I have a Mac Mini that is only 9 months old. It has 32GB of RAM and 3Ghz 6-core CPU. It’s running dual 32" displays. I do video editing and graphic design with this machine. I can stream any kind of video… but not Tablo.

Also, the Mac Mini is on ethernet and so is the Tablo Quad DVR. Not wifi.

Just chiming in to confirm that we’ve got plenty of users using Macs (myself included, on the same OS as you) using the Tablo web app without issue. I recommend touching base with our support team and we can work with you to get this resolved.

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I stupidly forgot rule number one with troubleshooting. Always try rebooting. I rebooted my Mac and now things seem to be working fine. In all browsers. Sorry for the false alarm!

Now I just need to find a better antenna for our area…