Tablo disconnects when chase watching a program being recorded

This is getting old. I had to have my first tablo dual lite replaced because the wifi chip went bad. With my replacement I have a constant problem. If I start watching a program that’s currently recording, it’s almost guaranteed the tablo is going to disconnect and it is nowhere to be found on Windows, android or Roku until I stoop on my knees, unplug and reset the thing. It’s been doing this for months now. I think the wifi chip just gets too hot and disconnects. It records programs fine. I can watch recorded programs fine. But when I go to watch a recording in progress it will disconnect for sure.

No replies? I guess Tablo reps won’t reply because they know that the Wi-Fi chips on these units suck and fail so many times there’s no reason to reply on a known issue. So I have to go out and fork over another $40 to get a powerline adaptor and hardwire it because it’s the only way this thing is going to stay connected. Never Tablo again.

Hi Tim, we can’t say with 100% certainty what’s causing these issue without taking a look first. We’d be happy to set up a remote session with you and run some diagnostics on your unit to see what’s causing the problem. If you’d like to troubleshoot with our team, please send us a ticket with the details, and we’d be happy to work with you.

Let’s be fair… is where you start. To get 1:1 assistance try, Ask Tablo.

They do offer Tablo Community Forum as a resource for,

Want to keep a finger on the pulse of the cord cutting revolution? Join the conversation in the Tablo Community Forum for insight into the latest cord cutting trends, services and gear including Tablo OTA DVRs.

Many users offer over-the-top help! TabloTV/Support join in often with send us a ticket after asking for more specifics.

It’s because I already know what the problem is and Taboo support isn’t going to help. The problem is they put cheap WiFi chips in these units. My first Tablo’s wifi didn’t last 90 days. It was dead and under warranty. They sent me a replacement. It worked fine for about 6 months. But now it can’t handle recording and streaming a recording in process at the same time. It ain’t my router because I have a great router and it can handle anything you throw at it up or down. Anytime I watch a program that is currently being recorded Tablo will disconnect. Every time. So I got powerline adaptor today and hardwired it. Now it works with no problem and no disconnects. I even had it record two shows at the same time and watched one of them while it was recording. No problem. Cost me $40. $40 that I shouldn’t have had to spend. So of course I’m peeved The bottom line is Tablo put cheap WiFi chips in these units and they won’t last. I don’t need Tablo support to tell me that. They already know.

So it’s not worth determining what the actual root issue is? I understand you have confidence in your network configuration but if you search the posts in this community you will see many, many, many times where the root issue actually WASN’T the Tablo unit itself. Not saying that’s true in your situation, but opening a ticket would help isolate the actual problem, with hopes for a good long-term solution.

Do a search for disconnect…

Sure, I know what you are getting at. And I also understand your frustration.

I also know that the vast majority of people who do NOT have a problem never post that they are not encountering any issues about it in support forums/communicate so simply throwing out “do a search” isn’t really a fair response. In fact, I even pointed out that there are plenty of posts where someone encountered an issue and documented their journey and it actually ended up NOT being the Tablo unit itself but an issue with other equipment or their configuration.

I’m not even suggesting your theory is incorrect, at least in your specific case. I’m just suggesting that it it might worth digging a bit deeper if you really want to understand and hopefully resolve long-term, the issue you are currently encountering. Part of that process usually involves engaging the support folks for the product with which you are encountering issues.

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I feel your disappointment with your Tablo device. You shouldn’t be experiencing these problems.
I can’t offer anything useful in your diagnosis. Sounds like you’ve narrowed down the problem.

But wondering out-loud…
When you are just watching a recorded program via wifi, do you encounter the same disconnect problems?
Could this be a power supply problem?? Does the wifi chipset draw more power than the ethernet interface? Or even a heat related issue?

Regardless, Tablo tech support should be able to help you out.
Hopefully Tablo with resolve your issues and you become a satisfied customer.
Let us know the outcome.

I’m sure this is very frustrating for you but I would think if this was a systematic problem many others would be seeing it as well. What do you mean by power line adapter? Are you saying the supplied wall-wart does not have enough current capability? I guess I don’t understand the link between cheap wi-fi chip and power line adapter.


Hey Google “What’s a powerline adaptor?”

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