Tablo disconnects during playback

I tried to find some discussion of this issue but was unsuccessful. The Tablo is connected to the network wirelessly.

For the past two weeks or so, while watching a recorded show, the Tablo has unexpectedly disconnected. When I go to look at the Tablo, it is still on, but the blue light is no longer illuminated. I have to unplug the Tablo and plug it back in to reboot it, then it is able to reconnect and continue playback once the blue light finishes blinking and becomes steady. The hard drive appears unaffected.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue? Thanks!

I have once in the past month. Tablo is not accessible and the blue LED light is off. No router reboot or even watching of recordings caused it.

Power cycle of the Tablo fixed it.

Yep, twice now in the last 30 -45ish days… Happened fairly often back in the 2.2.8 days, been great through 2.2.11 (Beta)… Now happened at east twice since 2.2.12…

It may just be a coincidence, .12 was supposed to be the same as the final version of .11 but I finally gave in and put the Tablo on a wifi remote controlled A/C adapter so I can remotely reboot it when it happens.

Yes, happens every month or so for me.

I seem to have something like that happen to me weekly. Just happened a few minutes ago. The table tries to reconnect. and I have to go reset and find the hard drive spinning 100%. Then it takes a couple attempts at a reset before the hard drive stops and tablo can restart. then all is fine.

@stockflyer That’s pretty odd; especially if it’s happening weekly! Don’t hesitate to send a ticket to our support team. We can check it out.