Tablo dies when internet connection dies

I have a Table Dual light and a HDHomerun Connect Quatro, both hard wired to a dedicated Windows 10 tablet and Intranet system in my house. DVR server on W10 tablet and Roku hardwired. Lost internet connection for 6 hours my, my home intranet was fine. Discovered;

  1. Tablo totally gone and HDHomerun app gone.
  2. HDHomerun tuners worked fine using Plex app on Roku, some slight picture quality issues.
  3. Plex folders stored on W10 tablet all accessible.
    Are there plans to fix this flaw with Tablo? As an external antenna connected to my TV is a no go for several reasons an attic antennas and an intranet solution is mandatory. This might put my Tablo on E-Bay. Tablo software is good, better than HDHomerun’s, not quite sure against Plex as that is much more flexible. My HDHomerun is latest model and the tuners are great. Anyone have similar experience an a fix or work around.
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As the Windows 10 app is web-based it unfortunately won’t work without external internet access.

If your Tablo and your LAN stayed up during the internet outage, you should have been able to access your Tablo on the Roku via network-based fallback.

You can read more about this here:

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Unfortunately a power outage (brief) caused loss of internet at the source. No Windows 10 involve in trying to watch TV, only Tablo, wired intranet and Roku. No joy. I guess the power blip was the Tablo killer. HDHomerun Connect stayed up, no HDHomerun software worked, but Plex did. Had OTA tv and any HDHR recordings through Plex. Perhaps a small battery in the Tablo would help?
Thanks for the reply.

Yes. I purchased an AmazonBasics UPS, nothing special… but I plugged my Tablo and External HDD into it, no problems since then. Of course, when the internet goes out, the alternate connection (not web based) is all that works. But the Tablo seems to work smoothly with it.

A battery for the Tablo only won’t work, you need to keep the HDD purring along too.

I do appreciate your idea and I do have an UPS on another non vital system. When the opportunity arises I’ll switch it with a power strip and put it on the Tablo. FYI, my hdd uses the Tablo usb power, works fine.
Thanks again.

Yep, but not if you are running off a “small” battery as you suggested they could easily add to the Tablo design. I bet the USB ports would not get the full juice needed from a small battery (like they have in alarm clocks and such).

Now with a small UPS, you are fine, because even a small UPS provides a couple of 100 watts (usually)… a lot more than a small battery and certainly enough to run the Tablo and HDD.

Didn’t mean to imply a small battery for HDD too. Anyway, swapped the power strip for a Tripplite UPS. When the wife is gone I’ll cut Internet and see what happens.
Again Thanks.

I use ‘Belkin Residential Gateway Battery Backup Rev B Model BU3DC001-12V’. These can be found quite inexpensively on eBay: . My hard drive is powered from the Tablo USB, so the battery holds them both up during power failures.

OK, No joy. Frontier FIOS dropped again, no power outage so I changed from Netflix to Tablo, Tablo would not play, switched to Plex & HDConnect and watched TV.