Tablo didn't record some of my shows

A while ago I set the Tablo to record “All New Episodes” for some of my shows. Up till last week it recorded everything it was suppose to, but over the past week it seems to have recorded very few of my shows. For example, it was supposed to record The Flash and The Middle a few hours ago but it didn’t. It also failed to record Supergirl and The Gifted on Monday night.

I just checked the “Scheduled” page and all my shows are set to “Record New Episodes”, but it seems like the Tablo decided to skip some of these new episodes. The “Rec” button next to some of these scheduled recordings is grey even though they’re marked as “NEW” and have no conflicts. Why would the Rec button turn grey for new episodes the Tablo is supposed to record?

I th No this was reported in another thread. It was a problem with the data in the guide.

You may want to ping Tablo support and search for that thread. All the info was there regarding this.

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