Tablo device freezing "solution"

I found this “solution” I thought I would share in case others might find it useful. For <$10 you can get an Alexa plug. I just got one for my tablo so I can reset it without having to go up into the attic when the device freezes. I guess one could just create an Alexa routine to reset it periodically to really fix it especially if you don’t want to hassle with having to telling Alexa to turn it off and on.


Why put the Tablo in the attic? It’s really not made for those temperature/humidity extremes.

Not saying a smart plug is a bad idea but the freezing may be caused by it being in the attic in the first place.

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I have a temperature sensor in my attic. The high last summer (2023) was 129F. I live way up north in the upper midwest.

Oh i see, yeah in some areas attic might experience extreme temperatures. I live in the San Francisco bay area, so the weather is vairly moderate.

Why in the attic? My TV is in a basement so it’s hard to get a good OTA (i.e. underground). In general there seems to be better reception up high but also because we’re on a slight slope we can almost get line of sight to broadcast antenna.

I agree though one has an attic that gets very hot or very cold that might not be that great for one’s table (and other electronics).

I think what people were getting at is while the antenna makes sense in the attic, you could run the coax down and have the Tablo not in your attic.

Unknown error

This happens when the Tablo is unable to load the guide data to show you what else is on. Sometimes “Retry” works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

The patterns I’ve noticed is that when it’s a movie or tv show that you cannot get “Info” from, this will happen.

What else is going on for you? Is “Retry” reloading the current channels or just repeating the error?

I’ll agree that it is exceptionally annoying since when this happens, you are forced to look at this overlay. If it just gave this error and I only saw it when I pressed the up or down button, I wouldn’t mind. This error popping up as you’re watching something is frustrating because you have to hit cancel or back out of it, when plain and simple, it shouldn’t pop up at all unless you are in the progress bar.

I live a little south of you, in Santa Cruz, about 1/2 block from the ocean. While the weather is moderate most of the time due to ocean effects, on a sunny day our attic gets to be warmer than I would want to have as ambient for a piece of electronics.

When I put a router in my uninsulated garage, which can also get to be too warm on a sunny day (but not as hot as our attic), I put it on a small cooling pad, essentially a flat fan :-), that was run from the USB port on the router. That worked really well to keep the internal temperature in the router down on the hottest day. I was happy to be able to move that router out of the garage, though, away from the heat. Had the cooling pad failed, that router most likely would have cooked itself.

I got the very same error and it buffers on live tv continuously. Any ideas how to get past this? Tried resetting with no luck.

I just set mine up this way …
Then I figured out why my tablo was freezing. Still need to reboot every now and then and this makes it easy.