Tablo detecting channel as 1080i instead of 1080p during scan

Hello, when I do a channel scan with my Tablo it is picking up 1080p stations as 1080i instead. I know this from watching the channels with the antenna connected directly to the TV instead of the Tablo. Signal strength show green during the Tablo scan.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Am I missing something in the setup (just got my Tablo a few days ago).


You are lucky. None of my 30-40 channels receive any OTA broadcasts above 1080i/720p.

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There are no stations in the US broadcasting over the air in 1080p. The ATSC 1.0 standard for hi-definition broadcast television is either 720p or 1080i, and you’ll find that most sub-channels are broadcast in Standard Definition, at 480i.

I’m not sure why your TV is displaying that it’s receiving a 1080p signal, as it’s not. Like all televisions, your set is re-scaling the image to whatever the native display resolution of the TV.

The Tablo is working exactly as it should.


Actually, I think the spec does afford 1080p, but AFAIK, the highest broadcast in the USA is 1080i.
(I don’t recall the restrictions for 1080p)

1080p doubles the bandwidth required within each 6Mhz channel spectrum

No one is broadcasting in 1080p that I am aware of.

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