Tablo Deinterlacing artifact with video content @ 1080p

As there are a wide range of devices and hardware used to view TabloTV I thought I would ask and see what if any devices are deinterlacing without artifact with on video content (news, game shows, sports, soap opera, etc. ) on TabloTV set to 1080p.

Currently on my 2 desktop PCs and 1 Mac there is terrible deinterlacing artifact with all video content
Roku, outputting 1080p, also has deinterlacing artifact although it is less pronounced.

Not sure if its an issue limited to all TabloTV models but I am using a 4 tuner TabloTV.

Please share how video content looks with TabloTV@1080p and which model, 2 or 4 tuner, you are using


This was already discussed extensively in my thread:

Upshot: If you set your Tablo to record 1080p, 1080i channels will look terrible. The video is converted from interlaced to progressive without any type of deinterlacing whatsoever, the fields are just merged together.

For some reason, if you set the Tablo to record at 720p, everything pretty much looks fine. So thats what I’ve done so far, but I wish 1080p worked properly.

@Auream - so, on your 720p that you record w/ Tablo.  When you play it back via Roku, can you tell much of a difference in picture quality from what you see if you go straight into your TV with your antenna?

@auream:   I spoke with TabloTV support and they were not aware or acknowledged any issues with deinterlacing.     “Your” thread didn’t make much of a difference, solve the issue or genuinely determine specifics with regards to why some users are affected and other aren’t which was the entire reason for bringing up  this issue again.   Unless TabloTV support can reproduce the issue and/or acknowledge it exists there will be no fix for anyone.   Is the issue limited to 4 tuner units?    Why hasn’t TabloTV been able to reproduce the deinterlacing errors?.   Did you ever wonder why there was no comment or acknowledgement from TabloTV in your thread that the issue even existed?

Right now my 4 tuner TabloTV is effectively not usable @1080 because of the poor deinterlacing artifact.   Is the hardware defective or is it a firmware issue?   Did anyone test the 4 tuner units with 1080p before they shipped?    I fully appreciate this is a new product and may be missing features but the lack of basic deinterlacing is disappointing.

@7up @Auream  

FWIW I opened a ticket with Tablo support on this issue.


Thank you

Picture quality is still pretty good at 720p, but there’s definitely some degradation in overall sharpness, particularly in still (non-motion) scenes. So it would be nice to be able to use 1080p without the bad deinterlacing artifacts.

As far as I know, the reason many people are not seeing the artifacts is because 720p is the default, and you have to manually go in and turn on 1080p in the Tablo settings. Also, there are a lot of channels that broadcast in 720p, in which case you wouldn’t see this issue either.

But if you set your table to record at 1080p and watch a 1080i channel, it sounds like you’ll see this issue, at least on the 4-tuner. Not sure if people with the 2-tuner are seeing it as well, anyone?

I’ve been recording everything with my 2 tuner in 1080p, and I haven’t noticed any picture problems at all.  I’ll have to poke around a little tonight and let you guys know.


Try this simple test, with Tablo set at 1080p open a browser on a Mac or PC and view video content (sports, game show, soap opera, local news, etc) on a channel which broadcasts in 1080i.    Do you see deinterlacing artifact?    It would helpful to clarify if this is an issue limited to 4 tuner models.

I have the two tuner Tablo, and I record everything in 1080p.  My local NBC and CBS stations broadcast in 1080i, and I have noticed any deinterlacing.

Thanks snowcat.   Thus far, deinterlacing artifact @1080p appears to be an issue with 4 tuner Tablo

Yeah, I’m not seeing it on my 2 tuner.