Tablo Customer Survey Now Live (December 2022)

Our bi-annual customer survey is now live. Check your email inbox for the link!

It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and will help us to make Tablo even more awesome for you.



hopefully you tested this survey form on windows 10 firefox 107.0.1.

As usual, didn’t get a survey invite. I bring this up every year and the marketing people argue with me about it. However you’re conducting the survey is flawed because you’re not reaching everyone.

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I would suggest that you DM @TabloTV with your email address. Also, you might want to add to your contacts incase your email program is automatically sending their messages to spam.

Isnt any “survey”? First step when creating a survey is to determine what a successful survey looks like.

Then phrase questions and responses to focus the results towards your goal.

Then there’s the - uusers often use surveys and the like to “vent” primarily over forward looking. They want to fix what they have now more than what the next generation may look like.

We email everyone we have a valid email address for. Unfortunately Harry Potter owls are not a thing, so without that we can’t reach you.

If anyone else didn’t get the survey, just send us a DM with your email address and we’ll make sure you get the link and all the rest of or emails going forward.

Cute. We go through this every year though. You claim “must not have an email address”… I claim the opposite. Doesn’t get resolved.

Good luck with your survey though.

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I go thru this for every survey.
I opted out of receiving e-mails from Tablo years ago.
Now they can’t e-mail me surveys any more.
Everytime I ask about it, they state they can’t enable me to receive those survey e-mails, so I can either use a different e-maiil address, or request the survey link via DM.
Not worth stressing about it.
I just DM them for the survey link.

So you take time to post to complain about it but won’t just DM them to get the link as @Radojevic suggested so you can provide the input you are complaining you can’t provide?

I’m not even subscribed to any tablo list and I get one.
Surveys and occasionally a message about dropping service or changing changing terms and then deciding not to change them.

They seldom implement #feature-requests despite the large volume on a handful of topics… so why do you anticipate it’ll be different with a survey of carefully selected and phrased questions?

Sorted by “Top” | number of replies. It’s not so hard to “hear” your customers/users tell you what’s needed. The real issues comes to what’s going to generate sales - profits.

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Ive had the same email sonce 2014…dont get emails from you guys. I stuble across things periodically.

@napercort Alas you unsubscribed back in 2019.

If anyone else is in the same boat, they can re-subscribe with this form:

Where is the survey ???

Have you signed up for the Tablo newsletter or in some other way provided your email address to Tablo?