Tablo Customer Survey - December 2019

Our bi-annual customer survey is now live. Check your email inbox for the link!

It should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and your feedback will help us make Tablo more awesome for you!

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I never got the survey…

Are you not subscribed to the newsletter?

The link to take the survey was in the Dec. 3rd and Dec. 9th editions.

I am, and I don’t have those particular emails, maybe I deleted them… which would be unusual

They could be going directly to your spam folder if you don’t have Tablo’s email address in your contacts list. Just add to your contacts.

I don’t even subscribe to the weekly newsletters and I get surveys and the announcement from the CEO about the account changes.

The only newsletters I have are dated Dec 13 and Nov 29 and neither one has a survey link in it.

Yea I never found one

We have a weekly newsletter and a separate customer-only newsletter.

If you’re a brand new Tablo user, you’ve unsubscribed from Tablo emails, or you don’t have a Tablo subscription account, you wouldn’t have received the link to the survey.

I don’t remember ever opting out of a news letter, and when I log into my account, I see no options anywhere to either subscribe, or opt out of any newsletter.

It’s not managed via your account as that’s a separate system. We use Mailchimp to send emails and our system shows you unsubscribed on Feb 16, 2017.

I can’t re-subscribe you with the same email address, but I can get you back in business using a different email. Just drop me a note and I’ll get you hooked up.

low scores coming for yalls next survey with the announcement yall made today.