Tablo crashing during recording

Hello, in the last year my Tablo has taken a dive and now is crashing several times while trying to record. This has gotten so bad that we can’t even playback what little good recordings we have because it will crash 3 to 4 times while trying to record another show. This all stems from the Tablo receiver not picking up channels that came in great just a year ago and still come in great on the tv that shares the antenna with Tablo. Has anyone else had this problem? Why would my tablo crap out after just a year of use? I have tried switching my coax from the tv to the tablo and same thing… comes in flawless on tv but barely any signal at all from tablo. Please help!

The Tablo does tend to crash during Live TV, and recording if the incoming signal is weak.
However, the incoming signal may be weak, because the Tablo is not finely tuned to that channel.
Sometimes the channel’s broadcasting properties are changed, and won’t get updated on the Tablo unless you perform a channel rescan.
I just did that myself and got 4 weak signal channels back in good form.
They were strong signal channels before whatever reason they went weak, and the channel rescan fixed them.

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Thanks for the advice Rado. I rescanned and reset all my recordings and everything seems to be much better now. Of course nothing is scheduled to record until the new year so we’ll see then, but I’m very optimistic.