Tablo Crashes After 2.2.16 Update

Not sure what has happened. We were recording two shows the other night while watching another one but the whole thing shut down twice and restarted so SOMETHING isn’t right now. We have the 4 tuner Tablo so we were only using 3 of the 4 and have never had this issue until now.

I have the recording quality set to HD 1080 - 10Mbps@60fps and even setup a computer fan under it to keep the Tablo nice and cool.

We are watching on Roku 3 with it hard wired directly to the router/modem. Again, zero issues before the update.


@Stacy_Taylor - Our support gurus are going to send you a note so we can look at this more closely. Stay tuned!

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Just put it into remote…

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I’m having the exact same problem and family members are extremely frustrated. Tablo is currently unusable due to this issue. Please share findings ASAP.



Tablo support guys remoted in and found that one of my stations was having major reception issues. The Tablo then rebooted twice trying to get a better signal so it didn’t have anything to do with the number of tuners going.

After discussing it with the support guru, he mentioned that Tablo could misdiagnose the issue as a “weak signal” if the signal was TOO strong. I had TWO antennas hooked up and both were powered so it was his best guess that these two antennas were over powering the signal. He said it was like having a stereo turned up too loud and it causes the music to sound distorted!

So I removed the additional antenna and so far it has worked. Hope this helps!

Thank you @Stacy_Taylor. I’ll try an attenuator on my coax, but I feel the explanation is pretty weak to be honest. If the physical equipment doesn’t change, the signal strength that is provided from the equipment doesn’t change, but yet an issue shows up after an upgrade, well then…:slight_smile:

So, found my problem. Apparently 2.2.16 is more sensitive to drive capacity than the previous release. Deleted a bunch of recordings on my 5 TB USB drive and also enabled auto-delete. All is well again.

You had a full 5TB drive? That’s a lot of hours of programming…

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Were you expecting a long, arctic night and you wanted to have some stuff ready for watching? how many hours worth of programming is 5TB? I have way too many programs in 1.2TB of my 3TB drive

Same problem after latest update. Have 4-tuner Tablo. Reboots while watching recorded program, usually within first 10 - 30 minutes.

Each time it reboots, I look at the schedule after it comes back up. Some times it is recording something over the air, but not always and never more than one. I can always resume playing the original program and it resumes about 30 seconds before the crash.

I have installed a fan with no improvement, but Tablo is running much cooler. Also deleted over 100 hours of recordings. I am using less than half of my 1TB hard drive.

Any other ideas to stop it from crashing?

@Richard_Evans Give our team a shout; most of our users are on 2.2.16 now without any issues. You can reach us over the phone at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or via email here.