Tablo crash when stopping a recording in progress

I had both the Superbowl and This is Us recording simultaneously with extension times on both in case the game went long. This tied up both tuners, I suppose, on our Tablo Dual. Knowing the Superbowl had finished, I attempted to stop the recording in progress for just the Superbowl itself so that the Tablo could process the video and add thumbnails. However, stopping the Superbowl recording in progress appeared to crash the Tablo and trigger a reboot. I tried this from the Android app and the Roku app, both with crashes. Both recordings started up again and resumed once the system came back online.

I later tried to record just one instance of NBC during a time with nothing else happening, and it appears to have stopped just fine when hitting stop.

Has anyone else seen something like this? I don’t know if this was due to both tuners being tied up or the same channel rolling on both, but a unique (and probably rare) set of conditions I suppose and thought I would report in.

I too tried to stop the super bowl recording and had the Tablo crash. Did it again after the reboot. Finally deleted it this morning. I have a 4 tuner.

Me too. Tablo rebooted when I tried to stop the super bowl recording from my Roku, then again when I tried from my iPad. Opened a ticket with Tablo support.

Hey folks - Sorry to hear you ran into this issue.

What process did you use to stop the recording? Be sure to include (if you didn’t before) what device you were using to access your Tablo at the time.

I first used the Android app (updated) from a Pixel XL while on my network. My second try was with the Roku app, which I believe is up to date as well.

I should also mention that I did update firmware last Wednesday, so I should be current across the board.


@Gregly - Did you go to the Recordings Screen and choose the ‘Stop Recording’ button?

Or did you use another method?

Anyone who reported this issue, can you touch base with our support team?

We’d like to get your Tablo units in remote access mode so we can look at the logs.

Please make sure to reference this thread when you send them a note! Tx.

I believe I did access them via the recordings screen first, and once I opened the event, hit the stop button in there. I will submit a ticket when I get home this evening for a look at logs.

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