Tablo Continuously Restarting

I have had my Tablo for just over a year. Recently I have been unable to connect to the Tablo. The blue led will blink rapidly like it is starting up, then goes off for about a second or two and repeats continuously. It seems as if the Tablo is continuously restarting. If I unplug the tablo let it rest. Plug it back in it will work for a little while before this problem starts happening again. The tablo doesn’t seem overly hot and nothing ambient whys has change to explain the sudden failure. Any help with troubleshooting this problem?


I’m guessing it could be a weak, going bad, power supply brick.

@lemaya We should be able to determine what’s causing the problem. Just give our support team a shout. You can reach us over the phone at: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or via email here.

I have contacted support via email, waiting to hear back. I have a video of the flashing that I will try to upload:

It appears to be flashing SOS.

I noticed this in an earlier post: