Tablo constantly disconnects

My tablo won’t stay connected to the internet. It stalls, I can’t fast forward. My wi-fi is 2g and there is nothing else running. What is going on and how to I get playback to work on my TV reliably?

What playback device? And does this occur on other devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer?

Additional information you could provide to help trouble shoot is:

1 Are both your Tablo and playback device using wifi?
2 How far from the router are each of the devices?
3 Lastly what recording and live TV quality do you have your Tablo set to?

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Does your wireless router support 5G? 2.4G has caused issues for me at times with my Roku Premiere, so now all my streaming devices are on 5G, while my Tablo uses ethernet to connect to the router.

You likely just need to lower your quality settings to make it work better. The Tablo uses a whole lot more bandwidth than Netflix/Amazon/Hulu, and you need a solid network at the highest settings.

Aren’t there a number of free WiFi analysis programs that install on a cell phone.

try this…
free WiFi analysis programs that install on a cell phone
looks like there are.

Yes it does. I have lowered the recording and playback qualities. I can’t your message while I’m responding so I can’t remember what else you have asked

  1. Yes 2. 12 feet away 3. Yes. I’ve lowered the quality of the recordings and playback

I’ve been using a Roku 3 on 5G (as well as my Tablo), for a few years now and never had a problem. We recently scored a new 4K TV after using a Panasonic plasma for years which only displayed up to 760. To take advantage of the higher resolution, I bought a new Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K, HDR, etc., and the Tablo immediately started disconnecting from it constantly. I had switched the Tablo settings to the highest quality as well from the recommended 720. My 5G LAN is set to 1200 Mbps off a Netgear Nighthawk placed a couple of feet away from the Tablo and about 5 feet away from the Roku. I get 125 down and 14 up consistently through Comcast. My only guess was that the TV was blocking the stick as opposed to the Roku 3 placed in view of the router. I ended up returning the stick and going back to the 3 which works fine again with no disconnects or buffering at the Tablo’s highest setting. Do you have any idea why the stick wouldn’t hold the Tablo’s connection? I’m considering the Roku Ultra (2018) which is not a stick, if the price comes down a bit or just waiting until the next gen Roku comes out.

Did you have your stick on a dongle, or was it directly connected to your HDMI port? I have a 2nd generation stick attached to my bedroom tv, and I use a dongle with it. It handles the highest quality settings of the Tablo just fine.

I also have two Ultras (one wired, one wi-fi), and they both work great.

whole lot more? It’s only going to max out depending on the broadcasting resolution, presumably not all are 1080 even if set at max.

  • Netflix minimum recommended 1.5Mbs 3, 5, 25 for SD, HD, UHD
  • Hulu 1.5Mbs minimum, recommends 3,8,16
  • Amazon Video 1.5 minimum, 3, 5, 25

Closer to comparable… depending upon setting and video quality all around. Some more, some similar - great variances.

If your Tablo is connected via WiFi to your router, then you are using the double the bandwidth - 1 stream from Tablo to your router, and then 1 stream from the router to your playback device. This assumes a MIMO router. Netflix, etc streaming doesn’t do this.

Most current consumer routers are not MU-MIMO.

If I go to task manager on my Win10 PC and look at the performance of my network card, I regularly receive between 15 and 20 Mbps when using the Tablo.

When I use it with Netflix, it’s very bursty, ranging near 0 most of the time, and then a burst to 5, 10, or 20 Mpbs.

It was connected directly to the HDMI port. I’ll probably just wait as I can’t see a big difference between the 4K and 1080 programs. I checked out the Roku’s 4K demo channel while I had the stick installed and wasn’t blown away . My son would probably disagree though. He’s the one who got us the 4K tv because he wanted to us to experience the better resolution. I think we bought the plasma in 2004 so it was time to upgrade anyway.

Watching one show, that’s nuts since it’s settings don’t go that high.

Then it varies based settings for those services, indivualy.

“Your tuner has been reassigned or your device has been temporarily lost connection with your Tablo.” I keep getting this, beginning last night. Nvidia Shield box, approx. 100 mbps up/down. Repeats about every hour or so. What to do?

Are you using WiFi? The speed you reported is your internet connection?

More details please.

If you connect to your Tablo with WiFi, it sounds like WiFi interference of some kind to me. Like a neighbor (or you) with a new device causing interference

For starters, reboot all three devices in the chain - Tablo, Router and Shield…

Reboot the router first, then the Tablo and then the SHIELD.

Everything is direct connected with cables. No WiFi. I’ll try rebooting everything next.