Tablo connection with Starlink

I have a Tablo Dual LITE [TDNS2B-02] that is connected to Starlink router. The past 2 months my Tablo has become unusable when trying watch recordings or live tv. The Tablo creates multiple (in the number 90+) devices with different MAC address on the Starlink router and then the Tablo becomes reachable after 5 minutes of use. I’m using Apple TV and IPad to watch the Tablo. The only way to connect back to Tablo is to power cycle the Starlink router.

I’ve replaced all Starlink hardware and wiring twice with no resolution. Tablo says software is up to date.

I’ve been using this Tablo for 4+ years and never had this issue until recently.

It sounds like likely nothing has changed with your Tablo configuration recently, so my question would be has anything changed on the Starlink side, i.e. updates, etc.?

The Tablo only has two MAC address (1 for for WiFi interface, 1 for the Ethernet interface) so if you are seeing MAC addresses for it other than those 2, that would seem to indicate the issue is more than likely on the Starlink router side of things in some way.

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@bls24 Are you only using the Starlink router or do you have another router in bridge mode to the Starlink router?

I personally use Starlink at home and don’t have these issues, but we have a secondary router which provides much more control over connectivity and better Wi-Fi coverage.

I added an unmanaged switch and turned loop control ON (on the switch) and that resolved my issue.

I was going to explore using a different router but didn’t want the higher added cost