Tablo Connect to Roku

I really need this feature added to support remote streaming on Roku. I have Roku tvs and I cannot reinvest in android boxes because it would change the interface for all of my devices. In looking on the forums a lot of users feel very strongly about this as well. I wanted to Join the Tablo Family because of the CES release on your new device. I will not do it if this feature is not available.


Hopefully Future Customer


I use my phone and Ipad for remote streaming on vacation more portable and at home we have Roku Tv , Apple TV , Amazon TV they all use the same network, interface are almost all the same.

When you compare Ipad and phone to an actual TV why would a family accept an inferior solution. Should multiple people crowd are an Ipad all trying to watch?

The gen 2 FireTV stick has remote connect. Maybe after 4-5 years Santa Claus, Tooth Fary, and/or the Easter Bunny will bring remote connect to Roku.

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You say you have Roku TVs, you are actually going to physically take your say 45” TV with you out of the house when you’re travelling?

In context, I think you can safely deduce, that he meant a Roku streaming device, and not a Roku TV (just saying). But I could be wrong.

We have more than one Ipad

Maybe when your family books an Airbnb they would like to take their Roku Stick+ and plug it into an actual TV.

And some people prefer Roku. I have had very little luck loading the Roku Channel on my Fire TV Stick.

And how many IPads(remote streams) can tablo support?

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Can you explain why? Your Roku TVs will presumably be on your home network, so unless you are travelling with them, you don’t need remote access to them. What is your use case where you are unwilling to invest $20-40 in a FireTv stick for travel use?


It would be nice if my Android app didn’t have to run a sync each day I open it. And if it’s been a while since I’ve opened it, this can take quite a while. It’s much faster on Roku with the different API, and I’d take a Roku stick traveling if I could. Does the sync process run on iOS too?

And some people prefer Roku. I have had very little luck loading the Roku Channel on my Fire TV Stick.

Which Fire TV Stick exactly? The 1st gen Stick is so slow and runs the Tablo app horribly, but the new 4K Stick is wonderful.

I would like Tablo Connect on the Roku too.

The gen 2 1080p Fire TV stick using WiFi 5g. Of course I used it mostly for the hdhomerun app. I didn’t care for either fire tv tablo apps when compared to the Roku app. Now that the wife has fired up Plex on the shield the standalone hdhomerun is gone.

I have an rv an have a 50in 4k and a 32in roku tv in addition to the 5 I have in the house. So yes I take the TVs on vacation.

Man, I need to do whatever all you guys that have 7 TVs are doing! :slight_smile:

And that’s just because I ran out of room in my efficiency apartment! There’s a bigger place across the street, but it’s a pain to untarp the Bugatti for the trip.

Actually I’m one of about 8 Million Americans own RV’s These days, the typical RV owner is age 49, married, owns a home and has an annual household income of $68,000. Not to crazy.

The point is this type of thing it getting more needed not less I wish the Tablo team would respond

They have responded in multiple threads when this has been asked for, they say the Roku will eventually get Tablo Connect. But have provided no timeline, and I wouldn’t expect that to change.

You could always get an Amazon Recast instead of a Tablo that has no support for any Roku devices (sarcasm). Plex DVR would be an actual alternative if Roku remote viewing is that important.

Since the Roku remote connect feature has been talked about for around 4 1/2 years, maybe current and potential users can infer how feature requests get prioritized for implementation.

Of course doesn’t the airtv black box use the same xcode processor as the dual lite?

What are you using in the RV for Internet access with enough bandwidth (and data allowance) to use your Tablo remotely?

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