Tablo connect surprise

It can be frustrating to get Tablo Connect set up to view outside your home network, but I had a pleasant surprise today.

We have Tablos at both our primary and vacation home, and recently the hard drive at the vacation home apparently failed. It wouldn’t record shows and the Tablo showed there was no hard drive.

My wife needed to go up there before I could check it out, so I gave her the primary house’s Tablo/hard drive to swap, so she wouldn’t be stuck watching live TV. She had to change the zip code and rescan once she got there, but got it running within a few minutes.

I assumed the sync between the Tablo and my devices at home would be broken by moving the Tablo between homes, but to my surprise Tablo Connect found it at the new location, so I can still use it at our main home.

I assumed Tablo Connect used a physical location like an IP address, but apparently it actually links devices no matter their location, maybe with MAC addresses.