Tablo Connect - Supported Devices For Watching on TV

At home we mainly use a Roku 4210x box to watch recordings on Tablo. While away from home, we could watch Tablo on our laptops, tablets and android phones. However, we could not watch it on big screen TV using a Roku 4210x box. Yes, the Roku 4210x box had been paired with our Tablo and worked fine at home. While away, the roku 4210x box could not locate our Tablo. When we arrived back home it connected fine. While away, the only way to watch on the big screen was with our Google Chromecast, using a laptop. In my experience the various sticks do not have the processor power to get the job done. I messed with all the plyaback speeds on my Tablo, but Chromecast just wasn’t satisfactory, but technically, it worked.

Who has a better way to watch on big screen while away from home?

Any device EXCEPT ROKU can be used remotely. I use Fire TV Stick, but Nexus Player or Shield TV will also work. They must be paired first.

Did you change the remote streaming quality? What is your home internet upload speed?

I messed with all of the streaming quality settings. Chromecast worked but sound was off, buffering would happen (please wait), and picture quality was not that good.

Upload at home 5.15 Mbps (Location of Tablo). Download at home 58.76 Mbps. Download at location where we were staying averaged 10 - 15 Mbps.

Might have to invest in one of the devices you mentioned.

I got my Nexus zplayer around Thanksgiving last year for $50 as others did, prior to Roku fixing os.

HappyUser, Accessing my Tablo on an HDTV from a second home was (and still is) very important to me. I was disappointed to learn of some of the limitations of Tablo Connect. I am now getting “satisfactory” results with a Fire TV stick. I say “satisfactory” because, even with an Internet upload speed of 10 mbps (via Xfinity) from the Tablo I experience occasional buffering issues on the remote TV. Still, realizing the cord cutting $$$$ benefits (in two homes) keeps a smile on my face.

All that said, I still wish for a remote Roku solution – but am uncertain if I will live that long.

There needs to be a statement about Roku not being supported for remote use where all devices are listed. Roku is listed first, so people think it is the device of choice. In my experience Nexus Player should be listed as device of choice since it DOES work at remote locations such as a second home, friends house, motel.

Thought I would refresh this. Since Roku’s work well with Tablo and are cheap, I use them in my house. For remote viewing, using Tablo Connect, it appears that the Nexus Player at $59.99 is the cheapest alternative. Next in line is the Amazon Fire TV at $89.99. (This is all in USD) There is an Amazon Fire TV Stick for $39.99 but I do not know if this device supports Tablo Connect. Even if it works, it might be a bit underpowered. No?

Others that work but cost more are Apple TV at $149 and Nvidia Shield at $199.

I imagine that I could stream remotely/Tablo Connect from my Android cellphone using an HDMI cable but have never tried it.

As my 11 month old post suggests, I understand that some kind of screen mirroring/casting from my laptop is possible, but has it’s own issues.

Can people that have streamed remotely with one or all of these six devices confirm that they do work?
That is: 1) Nexus Player 2) Fire TV 3) Fire TV Stick 4) Apple TV 5) Nvidia Shield 6) Android cellphone.

All Android devices support Tablo Connect, that is Nexus Player, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android smartphones, tablets, and Fire TV boxes and Sticks.

Apple TV 4 and Roku do not support Tablo Connect.

@HappyUser - The newest Fire TV stick is much improved over its predecessor. I do use it with Tablo Connect frequently.

There is also the Xiaomi Mi box which you’ll be able to find on store shelves as the Nexus Player is discontinued.

Mi Box is the new cheap AndroidTV. Nexus Layer is no longer available.