Tablo Connect Security

It just occurred to me the other day that if you ever have guests on your wifi network and they decide to install the tablo app on their phone, they have full access to your tablo system indefinitely. Is there any way to prevent this? Get a router that supports guest networks and keep your tablo on the private network?

Also, how does tablo connect work? Does it just “remember” your tablo’s public IP and look to connect there or is there some central nuvyyo server tablo registers to and the paired connect device looks up?

The right answer is use a Guest network.

Putting the device on a guest network is a good idea to protect your home network, but it does not really address the issue of a guests continued access that SportsGuy brought up.

Here are some things Tablo could do to help the situation:
Introduce User Accounts:

Admin - Can make system configuration changes & approve individual device connections
Record + Play Recordings + Live Stream
Play Recordings + Live Stream
Live Stream Only

These accounts should live on the device, not in the cloud.

It would also be helpful if Tablo could explain how they are mapping clients to devices. I would like to be able to use one client to connect to multiple Tablo devices.

The guest network is for your guests, not your Tablo. Then your guests won’t see the Tablo on the same network with them.

However, I would prefer to not have to go through a third part to get to the Tablo from a web browser. I would also like to have local authentication credentials. Maybe the children in the house only get to watch PBS or have time limits.

I distrust “the cloud”. It always seems to turn out that “anonymized” information is less than anonymous.

Oh and I would also prefer that the Tablo be on one of the IoT firewalled off VLANs rather than share with the workstations…