Tablo Connect Remote Access ports and remote streaming quality changing

I found a way to break Tablo Connect with Google Chrome browser already synced to that Tablo.

Using Google Chrome browser, go to
After connecting to the Tablo, select ‘Disconnect’ from the menu.
After disconnecting, select the red X, which will unsync the browser from the Tablo.
Then connect to the Tablo, let it sync, and go to the Settings page.

You know how in the Settings page the ‘Startup section:’ is reset to ‘Prime Time’ by default when you first sync your browser with the Tablo?
A similar thing occurs with ‘Remote Streaming Quality:’, which resets to its default of 1 Mbps.
So, if you enable remote streaming, but change the remote streaming quality from 1 Mbps to anything else, the Tablo will reset it back to 1 Mbps.
Another unpleasant side effect is that each remote streaming quality selection seems to require different router ports to forward to.
So, if you’re Tablo is unable to utilize your router’s UPnP feature, like mine, then the hardcoded port forwarding that worked earlier, suddenly fails when you perform the operations I described above.

This is normal behaviour for a newly sync’d device.

I disagree.
The Tablo’s remote streaming quality is a global setting affecting all devices connecting to the Tablo outside the Tablo’s network, and should not change just because a browser synced with the Tablo.

No it is not a global setting. It is a setting per device, each device say iPhone, iPad, computer, Fire TV Stick must be set individually from the default 1 Mbps.

I can set my iPhone to 2 Mbps cause it uses LTE which is not fast enough for full quality.

Then I can set my iPad and laptop to Full Quality because they use WiFi remotely and the Internet is fast enough.

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Oh snap!
My bad, I thought all the items in the Settings page were global, but what you described makes sense.

It actually was irritating to me thinking that the remote streaming quality setting was global.

Would be nice to have text on the Settings page describing what’s global and what’s device specific, though.


No problem. Kind of makes sense though no that it’s not global?

The only non-global setting is the Tablo Connect setting.

Well not the port forwarding part, that is global, set it once and done. He mentioned each Remote Quality Settibg had a different set of ports, which is not true.

It’s kinda true.
I changed my remote quality setting yesterday, and one of the ports required changed, so I had to update my router’s port forwarding configuration.
But now changing the remote quality setting doesn’t have the same effect.
As long as it’s working…