Tablo Connect Question

Does Tablo Connect continuously draw data from my internet at home even if I am not using it from outside my home? Or does it only draw internet data when I connect from outside my home. I have not been home for a month and my data usage skyrocketed. Just trying to figure why. If so, is there a way to disconnect from Tablo Connect from outside my home, so it doesn’t continuously draw data. My cable company charges me on how much data I use.

The Tablo will draw some internet data each day to get the guide, but Tablo Connect should only draw data when being used by a remote device.

You may want to make sure someone outside your home hasn’t somehow connected to your router and is leeching off your internet.

As far as Tablo Connect, i.e. remote streaming to your device, no, unless you are actively looking streaming from your Tablo to a device it shouldn’t be using much data.

It does not. It’ll only use up a lot of data if you’re streaming video remotely.

You can read more about all of the ways that Tablo uses your bandwidth here: