Tablo Connect & Port Forwading NIGHTMARE!

So I have a Tablo Quad Network Edition with Firmware 2.2.42 but I am having security alerts after trying to turn on the Port Forwards on my Cox router, and now I am getting IP Reputation Attacks (20 of them since this morning). And while the world is able to attack my Tablo, I am still not able to use the Tablo Connecty Features…

Any tips out there configuring tablo with cox?

Are you hosting your own email or web server? Otherwise I don’t know why you would care about IP reputation. That should be completely irrelevant to the average user. Additionally an “IP Reputation Attack” suggest someone compromised your network. Since your IP address is likely dynamic it would make way more sense another user abused the IP before it was assigned to you.

Where are these alerts coming from? I can’t give any advice till I understand what is happening. More information is needed.

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Can you post any details about what the attack alerts look like? As noted by the user above, a few more details here will help us to diagnose the issue.

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