"Tablo Connect" on wifi only Tablets

I have a Nexus 7 wifi only tablet. It has the native app which works well on the local network. I connect this tablet remotely by tethering to a phone on an LTE network. Remote access is not working. I surmise that your server lookup occurs when it is on a cell network. This case is forced to look on the local wifi network when attempting to connect. 

The universe of tablets are mostly wifi and many people don’t want to pay for an explicit 2nd cell data plan when they have a perfectly good phone data network.
Phase 2 is to allow the browser to access as well, or get more native apps out for phones.

Thanks for the feedback @dtwick - we’ll check this out!

THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME.  I need to be able to set up the WiFi connection using a PC and Browser.  I have no Android with 4.2 and I cannot for the LIFE OF ME understand why you would create a device that requires the LATEST Android OS.  I cannot upgrade the one generic tablet I have with 4.1 and I specifically asked before Pre-Ordering if I would be able to use a laptop.  For God’s sake, this is pretty disappointing not to even be able to set up the device.

@dtwick - Tablo Connect is not yet supported with the Android app. It’ll be ready in the coming weeks.