Tablo Connect on the Roku

Let me get this straight. As per the Tablo website, the Roku is #1 on the list of recommended devices and accounts for HALF of the installed base, yet it still does not support Remote Connect?

I’ve had my Tablo for over 2 years now. During that time I’ve endured numerous firmware fiascos as well as other “annoying” issues with as much patience and understanding as I could muster. The fact that Remote Connect on the Roku is still absent at this stage of the product’s life cycle is pathetic.

Nuvyyo needs to get their act together and hire whoever/do whatever it takes to get Remote Connect working on the Roku.


Before they add remote connect to Roku maybe they should fix some basic functionality first.

It’s rather fruitless to try to schedule a TV show using the Roku guide. There are no filters for the TV section of the guide. It’s nothing more then a monolithic list of 800-1000 shows in alphabetical order.

I took my roku on vacation to another continent. Netflix worked perfectly… thank goodness. Tablo not able to connect. I could not understand why but reading this thread now I know it was not capable of connecting…too bad.