Tablo Connect Not Working on Android

Hi, I am trying to connect using my Android device and it doesn’t work when I am not on my home network. I tried disabling and re-enabling tablo connect in settings. I also don’t see any error in the settings page.

Any ideas? I am on the latest firmware and app versions.

I had no problems connecting with my Android phone using Tablo connect just a minute ago, so I am pretty sure none of the latest changes have broken anything.

Are you connecting via wi-fi or cellular data?
If you are on cellular and it isn’t working, then something isn’t quite right on your router.

If you are on wi-fi and it isn’t working, you might be blocked by a firewall. I have had that happen in a few places with public wi-fi (mainly my library). I would try cellular to see if it is happening.

What symptoms are you having? No Tablo found, connecting never connects, or something else?

Thanks for response @snowcat … I am trying to connect using cellular data. I just keep getting the “connecting…” message with the spinning wheel which I think times out after several minutes.

When you ask if I am using wi-fi, assume you mean another wi-fi network which is not my home wi-fi right? No i have not tried that. When connected to my home wifi it works fine (since it does not use tablo connect), but I guess that eliminates an issue with android app.

Only other possibility is that my router is somehow blocking tablo, however, in the past I recall seeing an error in the settings screen. I have no changed any settings on my home network since the tablo connect was last working. Only changes are firmware updates on tablo as well as my router.

I did mean another wi-fi network other than your home one (like a library, work, or a restaurant).

Since it is happening on cellular, I would suggest when you get home to turn off tablo connect and turn it back on again. Then turn off your wifi on your cellphone (temporarily) and see if it will connect over cellular data.

Other options are rebooting your router and your tablo, though verify that the tablo connect is saying it is working after doing so. Usually I have to turn off and turn on Tablo connect after a router reboot.

Hope this helps!

Already tried this… will try the tablo and router reboot once I get home this evening. Thanks!

Try using cellular data while at home and see if it works. If it works, next try it again someplace away from home. I always try both WiFi and LTE at home after a firmware update.

Yep, already tried that. Couldn’t do the reboot yesterday since the wife would not have appreciated any interruptions to recordings. Will try a reboot of everything today or tomorrow.

Try turning off Tablo Connect and turn it back on again. I’ve had to do that once to get it fixed.