Tablo Connect issues

I have done a ticket but I thought I would ask the group. Sorry.

Looked at router configuration. UPnP is enabled. The table in my router shows 2 port forwarding lines associated with the Tablo. I watched Tablo inside my home network using 2 android devices: a phone and a tablet. Took them to a wifi network outside my house. Neither worked. Brought them home and they worked inside my network. Turned off wifi on my phone and tried to connect using 4G. No luck. Message I got on failures was :“Unable to retrieve information for this Tablo from the Tablo servers.” I am able to watch Tablo on other devices inside my home. Never have any issues. Nothing was being recorded or watched when I got these external errors.

I am on 2.2.21.

What make and model router?
That will help us a lot.

Do you have an active subscription?

I have an active subscription.
Router is a Netgear X4s R7800. Only a year old and pretty good for a home router. Download is 150 Mbps and upload is 11.58 Mbps. Messed with quality of playback. Didn’t seem to matter.

What is the make and model of your modem? Is it in bridge mode?

If the modem is not in bridge mode you may be engaging in Double NAT, that is a router in the modem and then your Netgear router.

It is a Spectrum supplied Arris TM1602A MTA. It handles telephone and internet. It is an “Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adaptor”. Many modems also have the ability to be a router. This appears to be just a dumb modem. I found the manual online and this doesn’t do any router functions, only a modem.

So, given that it can’t do DHCP, port forwarding, NAT… I guess you could consider that bridge mode.

Post a screen shot of your router’s port forwarding screen.

Heard from Tablo Tech support. Port forwarding was fine. Their suggestion was to delete my Tablo from my cell phones, tablets and computers. Then inside my network do a scan and re-sync. Then try outside of my network. It worked on both cell phones. I will go to another network sometime today and test the tablet, but my guess is that it will work.

So, interesting that the devices connected inside the network just fine and the router was configured properly, but the devices all had bad connection info. My theory is that something changed in the last few firmware updates, but the devices did not pick up on it.