Tablo Connect for Roku. Yes, Again

I noticed that Simple TV does support remote streaming on roku devices per this link:

The thing is, I don’t want to use Simple TV because Tablo TV seems better in nearly every aspect. Nearly. The only thing currently holding me back is that I have Rokus in several locations, and no remote streaming on them is a deal breaker for me.

My question is, if Simple TV is capable of doing remote streaming, is this ever going to be a part of Tablo? Yes I realize they are completely different companies. What I’m getting at is that they are related in the fact of what the product is, even if they are created by different companies. Obviously it’s technologically possible (I’m a CS student so I do understand how much hard work goes into creating software, especially for each individual client. Props to what Tablo has accomplished so far). I looked through some past threads and it seems like Tablo has just said things along the line of, “Sorry, it doesn’t exist and we don’t know if it ever will.”

I hope I don’t sound too entitled or cynical, but does Tablo have any more news on this much needed feature?

At the very least, I hope this post helps to show the desire for such a feature.

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Every device with the exception of Roku can be used remotely. If name/password ever get added then maybe Roku remote would also work. Nexus Players at all locations will work now, but they will all need to be paired locally first.

I would guess that it’s more than just adding name/password login right? Could it really be that simple behind the scenes? I find it extremely unlikely that’s the only thing stopping them from adding the ability to remote stream. It’s probably more likely how the Roku handles streams or decodes something, right? Something along those lines.

I know that other devices work fine, mobile and Nexus, but having already invested in Rokus I don’t want to spend even more money to get new media players at all 4 of my locations, after investing hundreds into Tablo. :confused:

@bigstingman - We aren’t currently working on adding Tablo Connect to Roku as it works quite well with other streaming boxes like Amazon Fire TV & Android TV.

However, you should know that while some people still consider Simple TV a competitor, we don’t as they are no longer making hardware or really supporting customers.


Hi maybe I don’t understand remote streaming but Roku has a Tablo app and you can watch Tablo through the Roku so are you talking about being able to send to the Tablo Roku channels? Perhaps that’s what you’re talking about - if so, some of the Roku channels we watch allow me to watch via the Internet and so I can watch these on my Kindle, phone, etc. I must be missing something in your e-mail because if I am understanding correctly, you could also appeal to the Roku channels to give access at their website so you view them on other devices -just a thought - one again that is if I understand the problem. Jan

The original poster wants the ability to use a Roku on a remote network. That feature exists with FireTv and AndroidTv devices (as well as PCs, tablets, and smartphones), but it is not supported for the Roku.

Oh wow that is good to know. Then yes, I would most def agree with you guys if they don’t make hardware for SimpleTV. Still, that is very sad that you aren’t adding remote streaming to the Roku.

I appreciate the forwardness though, now I know for sure Tablo is not for me.

Maybe remote on Roku using Plex channel. I don’t know…haven’t tried it.

Any idea which DVR is right for you? You definitely don’t want to use SimpleTv, and no other DVR uses Rokus.

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I think the vast majority of Remote Connect users are doing it with mobile devices. The subset of Tablo users that are using fixed streaming boxes at locations remote from the Tablo unit has to be pretty small. I’m just glad there are options for streaming boxes for Remote Connect users.

I don’t know at the moment. Guess I’ll keep looking.

You are giving up without too much thought here. Just get something other than Roku to take on the road with you. I do it all the time - I have an old Apple TV 3rd gen, access Tablo using my iPhone, and AirPlay it to my TV. You can do the same thing if you have an Android phone using Nexus Player or Amazon Fire… Maybe even Chromecast. Lot of options.

Fire Tablet is only $50 at Best Buy and Tablo connect works with it once paired locally. Or Fire TV Stick works once paired locally. I have used both away from home.

A laptop with an HDMI cable works great too.

Well, Tablo once promised to release a firmware update to support Dolby 5.1 and never did that either, so are we really surprised. They have a VERY casual relationship with promises.

I remember them saying that the Tablo DVR could support Dolby 5.1 with a firmware update but I don’t remember them making any promises.

Could you provide a link to the post where they’ve made that promise.

I’d really like to read it.


@TabloTV Any progress on this for Roku?

Both of those posts were right after the Tablo was released (mid 2014), and it appears that soon afterwards the developers discovered it was going to be a whole lot harder than they initially realized.

That would be this link in the same thread: