Tablo connect firewall settings at remote site

Has anyone been successful troubleshooting tablo connect settings at the remote viewing site? I have tablo connect working properly on my home network, and remote viewing works flawlessly 90% of the time when I test at friends, family, 4G cell network, etc. The problem is at my work, none of my already paired devices will connect to my tablo. We have an onsite gym, so not reaching my tablo on the treadmill is a problem. My connection to my tablo is being dropped by my firewall. I have contacted tablo support to ask them what firewall settings I need to adjust at the remote site, and they stated there are none, and that I “just simply need an internet connection.” I can prove this incorrect, as simply switching to 4G lets me connect to my tablo at the same time my local network denies access. I administer our firewall so I can make any changes necessary, I just need to know what TCP traffic/port rules I need to have in place. Thanks!

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