Tablo Connect doesn't work on iPhone with Rogers LTE

Rogers has recently switched to ipv6 only similar to T-mobile in USA. I’m no longer able to use Tablo Connect on my iphone 6S+ when connected to Rogers LTE. I’m able to initially connect and reach the menu and select the show but the video never starts playing. When connecting over 3rd party wifi, Tablo Connect works fine.

Many other people were complaining about this issue on a related T-mobile thread. However, it wasn’t clear if the problem is fixed for iOS. Apple has required that all apps be ipv6 only compliant since 2016. Essentially an ipv4 literal address has to be translated to its ipv6 equivalent to be sent to a NAT64 gateway to be converted back to ipv4.

Any news on when this will be fixed? Does anyone with ios on Rogers have Tabo Connect working over LTE?

I’m on iOS with Bell so sorry can’t be of help.

But how much data do you have that you can stream TV shows on your plan?

Have T mobile and iPhone- still no fix for playing over unlimited data plan

There’s not really unlimited plans in Canada and the providers here do not adjust video quality (why adjust it when you can charge $70/GB overage) so this isn’t related to that. There seems to be a basic ipv6 incompatibility in the Tablo app.

To answer theuser86, I have a 10GB plan.

Does ios work on Tmobile in non-unlimited plans?

So I can now confirm I also cannot connect using Tablo Connect on Bell’s LTE network. I also switched to the 3G network, no go.

Thanks for giving this a try: we’re doing some testing around this now. We hope to have an update soon.