Tablo Connect constantly "disables" itself; need to uncheck & re-check the box

@Tablosupport Since at least your last update 2.1.30 I have found myself unable to consistently watch remotely. When I return home I find the message that my router needs to be configured so I uncheck then re-check the box and it shows configured just fine and will work for a short time. I’ll be away again in a few days attempting to connect but again unable to and get home to find the same Tablo Connect condition and repeat the uncheck/re-check steps. Even if the fault for the repeated disconnect does not lie with Tablo why on earth can we not reconnect remotely some how or set the Tablo to reconnect automatically. But if the fault does lie with Tablo what can be done to stop this? Thanks -Mike

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  1. Are you using the UPnP feature on your router to configure the port forwarding? Or are you manually configuring the port forwarding?
  2. Do you have an IP reserved for the Tablo using the DHCP reservation feature on your router? This means the same IP is assigned to the Tablo all the time. The default would be for the router’s DHCP server to assign an IP to the Tablo. The issue here is that when the IP lease expires, some routers can assign a New Different IP to the same device.
  3. If the answer to 1 is yes, and the answer to 2 is no, then likely your issue is caused by your router re-newing the IP of the Tablo when the DHCP lease time has expired. The router is assigning a new IP to your Tablo which breaks the port forwarding since the ports are forwarded to the old IP. This requires unchecking and rechecking of the Tablo Connect feature to have the ports forwarded to the new IP.
  4. Solution 1: Set the Tablo to be assigned the same IP using DHCP reservation on your router. Leave UPnP enabled on the router and have Tablo configure the ports.
  5. Solution 2: Set the Tablo to be assigned the same IP using DHCP reservation on your router. Turn off UPnP on your router and manually configure the port forwarding. This is likely the best option as nothing is left up to the Tablo.
  6. What is the make and model of your router btw?

I have DHCP reservation set up for my Tablo and I manually configured the port forwarding (many will say leaving UPnP enabled on your router is a security risk). I have not had any issues with Tablo Connect - it’s been working for months straight.


Open a ticket and very helpful support can assist you with manually entering local static IP and port reservations. I was frequently having this problem too.

I literally just got off the phone with support and it’s very easy. Some of us just need a little help to be sure about the syntax details before confirming changes to the router.

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The one situation that creates this condition for me is if my router is turned off and on. I have been resetting some breakers in my house (I really should label them someday), and when the router goes off, I have to go back in an redo my Tablo Connect.

Rebooting the Tablo itself doesn’t cause any issues.

Does this just result in the Tablo telling you that you need to configure Tablo Connect but it still works, or does it break the Tablo Connect function all together?

Long ago I would occasionally receive the error that my Tablo Connect was not configured properly but my Internal IP of the Tablo had not changed nor were the ports incorrectly forwarded. Tablo Connect would still work despite this “error”. A simple power cycle of the Tablo would make the error go away.

Hey thanks for the thoughts! No idea what configuration the router is using. It is unchanged from first installation and connection with the Tablo. This problem did not come up until the recent TABLO update and I have done ZERO updates to the router. Maybe it’s a coincidence but I’m not optimistic there. I recall needing to manually open ports on the last router but with this one it was all automatic and Tablo Connect was flawless. And I have to admit, the technical jargon here seems fairly outlandish for an everyday user for what I’m sure was intended to be a plug and play device. Now if it wasn’t intended to be plug and play, well that would rank right up there with the lack of disclaimer that a wireless user will have a diminished experience compared to an ethernet user. Hoping @Tablosupport can check on the last couple of updates and what they did to affect DHCP and the IP. My router by the way is a netgear r6300v2. And in the last 24 hours Tablo Connect has not disconnected itself.


Thanks for the idea! But no, there haven’t been any power disruptions…intended or accidental.

Both since it actually says “Tablo needs to be configured” AND it doesn’t work. I do remember working with the Tablo folks early on where they learned from my situation that it could actually work with one of the ports saying it needs to be configured. It was with my old ATT router. But all three ports on this Netgear r6300 show set up and I can connect remotely…currently.

Setting up DHCP reservation is not that hard - check the manual of the router, the Netgear website will have the PDF.

If you can change the wireless name and the security key on your router you can set up the DHCP reservation, it’s not all that technical.

Unfortunately the UPnP feature for automatically configuring Tablo Connect does not work well with all routers. This is why we’re here to help you sort it out and configure your router manually.

Went into the router and found UPnP active and reserved the IP for the Tablo so going with Solution 1. I did notice that there are four active UPnP ports listed for the Tablo IP - 8, 443, 8886, & 8887. Not sure if that is relevant but thought I’d share. Thanks for the help and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Glad to hear it - let us know. In theory this should work, as the Tablo’s internal IP will not change anymore even after a Tablo reboot or router reboot.

If you run into issues, then disable UPnP and set up the port forwarding manually. Interesting UPnP configures 4 ports though, when you do it manually only 3 ports are required.

I can confirm that 4 ports are normal for UPnP setup. I don’t know why, but I have always had 4 ports for the Tablo.


When the Tablo reported the need to configure your router, did the Tablo Connect feature still work despite the error?

Tablo Connect would fail until I redid it.

Since reserving the IP Tablo Connect has not disconnected itself. Keeping fingers crossed. Still hoping to hear from @tablosupport on what they learn about the recent changes to how Tablo works with DHCP and the IP.

FWIW, I used to see this issue as well, even though I have the Tablo IP address reserved in the DHCP server. On advice of others in this thread I disabled UPnP and set up the port mapping directly. I haven’t had the problem since, but will continue to monitor.

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Smart man. or woman.

@tablosupport @tablotv what about the recent update made the Tablo so unstable when using Tablo Connect?

The 2.1.30 update did not break the Tablo Connect feature nor make it unstable. It has worked the same since the beginning. And yes, some have had issues with UPnP due to their router not the Tablo.