Tablo Connect compatibility



I’m new to the Tablo and just received my gear yesterday. 4 Channel (not the quad)

I have a summer cottage that I would like to use the tablo connect at while away from my home. It appears that I have to “pair” my device before using it- such as tablet, phone etc. I get that.

Question: what is the best way to use it on my TV at my cabin? It is a Roku tv, and I have several Roku devices at the house. The tablo connect page says Roku is not compatible, any suggestions?


Get a cheap Amazon Fire TV Stick and pair it with your Tablo. Take it to cottage.

What recording quality do you have your Tablo set to?

What is the upload speed at your house where the Tablo is setup?

What is the download speed at your cottage?


Tablo Connect via laptop, HDMI laptop to TV


Hey, good idea! Speeds not an issue. 300 fiber at home. 100mb at cabin, both have uploads of 9 or greater


I have No laptop that would handle the job, but iPad and Chromecast … I have both
Hmm, thanks


I reduced recordings to 720


You should be able to remotely stream a recording quality of 720p 5 Mbps at a remote streaming quality of Full Quality. This way you’d avoid using a tuner to re-encode the video to a lower bitrate.


Just to be clear on the firestick.

I would purchase the firestick

Install my apps and set up account information (sling, tablo, Netflix, Hulu)

Remove the firestick from the home tv, and take to cabin - connect to the cabin network, and all apps will work?
Am I missing any steps?


I would set up the Fire TV Stick and take to a neighbors house for a dry run to ensure remote connect is working.


You must of course setup Tablo Connect properly on your router too. See links below.


Second important must read.