Tablo Connect at work

I can’t access my tablo at work on the wifi. Although I did try to connect using my LTE connection first and then switched the wifi on, I could then see the guide and my recordings, settings, etc…just could not load any channels to watch or recordings. I could even set shows for recording. Any help on what I could do to access my dvr from work?

It sounds like your IT guys are blocking traffic. It might be time to increase your data plan :wink:

It’s not a huge deal. I figured they have something blocked, but I can access hulu, Netflix, basically any other streaming service. Just not my tablo, which does suck, but it’s not a huge deal. I’m an EMT and sometimes at bedtime the others don’t like the tv on and I thought this would be a good way for me to be able to still watch tv with headphones.

Or you can try setting up a VPN at home and access the Tablo as if you were within your home network. There is a chance that your IT also blocks VPN traffic, but at least another thing you can try before giving up :wink:

I’m not real sure how to setup a VPN at home, but I had one on my iphone and it worked at my work for other things.

My Asus AC68 router has built-in VPN support and it was pretty easy to setup. Not sure what router you have, but if you have one that has VPN, it shouldn’t be too difficult to play with the settings and get it going. The only issue is that since the Tablo thinks that you’re on the home network, it will therefore try to stream in full quality. If you don’t have enough upstream bandwidth at home, the video may not be watchable on your phone.

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I have a Motorola SBG6580.

That’s a modem+router combo. You’ll probably have to check the manual to see if it supports VPN.

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@TabloMark - A lot of municipal WiFi networks have blocks on ports. Since you’re an EMT I’m guessing you’re trying to access through a municipal or hospital network so you may not have much luck unfortunately :pensive:

(P.S. Thanks for all of the great work you do!)

At my place of work, there are blocks on port forwarding on the Employee wifi network. However, there is a Guest or Public network that does allow the access to the forwarded ports. Do not know if you have a similar setup or whether logging in on the Public/Guest wifi will allow you Tablo access.

I work at a hospital and I’m on the guest network. Guess I’ll just deal with it. Thanks.

@TabloTV I have this same issue, but I own the business lol. I just had new internet service set up and can’t access my tablo on the wifi. How do I configure it to allow access?

Contact your IT guy/girl? Get them to stop blocking ports at your place of work.