Tablo Connect aspect ratio problem at 3 Mbps and 4 Mpbs

I was at a friend’s house tonight trying to watch a hockey game on my Android phone (OS 5.02) using the web app.  Since he had pretty good internet, I tried both the 3 Mbps and 4 Mbps Tablo Connect speeds.  When watching live TV, it would “squish” the picture so that I had black bars all around the screen.

If I watched live tv at the 500 kbps, 750 kbps, 1 Mbps, 1.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps, or full quality settings, the screen was normal sized.  If I watched a recording at any quality settings, it was normal sized.  

I wanted to see if anyone else could recreate this problem, and I am curious if it is just Android related, or it happens on a PC or iOS device as well.

@snowcat Yes!  I’ve seen this before as well.  I noticed it back in December ( but I didn’t do the due diligence as to whether it happens at all bitrates.

@snowcat I can still reliably repro this on Android at the bitrate settings you describe.  This behavior isn’t seen on my PC running Chrome. 

Thanks for the confirmation.  

@snowcat @Pundit We’re taking a look at this! Thanks folks.

Any update? I’m still seeing this issue.

I still see it as well, even with the new web app for Android.

We’ve managed to reproduce this - a fix will be included in both the firmware and the next Android player update. Thanks all!

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My Fire TV stick did not have the problem but I am running the latest Tablo beta firmware. The Roku 3 does have the problem.

Since Tablo Connect isn’t supported for the Roku, how can it have this problem?

My mistake. I have a similar problem. Same symptoms but at home. Black on sides with Roku 3 and full screen using Fire TV stick.